Surf Lessons with Bobo’s


Are you a beginner and want to learn, an intermediate and want to get better or even a master who needs a “tune up”? Then we are the surf school to go with!

Our surf school located directly AT THE SURF SPOT is open all year round We offer DAILY SURFING LESSONS FOR ALL AGES: BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED SURFERS.

(we also can arrange daily beach and airport transfer)

•PRIVATE LESSON: 1 on 1 with water assistance instructor $45

•SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS: 3 Persons Max with water assistance instructor $40 p/p

•GROUP LESSONS: 4 to 20 Persons Max with water assistance instructor. $35 p/p


•2 hours surfing lesson with full surf equipment, theory on the beach according to your surfing level, 

•essential surf rules, paddle technique, standing and stance position, warmup.

•ocean and surfing safety.

•waves knowledge, handling surf equipment in and out of the water.

We make sure that you get the suitable surf board according to your skills and body type. This will help you to improve faster in your learning because surf boards are really essential tools. We provide you with professional coaching and supervision and we guarantee to bring you to your next level.


Bobo’s Surfing Courses:

•3 lessons intensive private surf course. Price$ 125.

•7 lessons intensive private surf Course. Price $270.

*Surf course itinerary:

Day 1- Full theory on the beach with basic surf rules, paddle technique, standing and stance position, ocean and surfing safety, stretching, waves and ocean knowledge, handling surf equipment in and out of the water, board and leash. We ”GUARANTEE YOU to CATCH YOUR FIRST WAVES” and you will be able to get into the feeling of surfing!

Day 2- How to catch the inside white water on your own.

Day 3- How to turn sideways in the inside white water and to do the “turtle dive”

7 Days Intensive Surfing Course after day 3 (we continue with day #4 ). This is the time to go for the outside clean face of the wave.

Day 4- How to go to the outside waves, how to catch them, taking off and to turn sideways to the face of the wave.

Day 5- Practice turning sideways in the outside waves, wave selection, priority and how to deal with wipe outs.

Day 6- Learn to use smaller surfboard and learn how to do the “duck dive” in the outside waves.

Day 7- How to handle on your own in the outside waves.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED SURF LESSONS – If you want to learn how to use a high performance short surf board, to be able to make a cutback or a floater… Come to DR and stay with us, to enjoy and improve your surfing level. Get the best local surfing experience possible! This surf program can be re-adjusted, depending on ocean and wave condition.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you plan your next great surf vacation! If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to Contact us directly: Phone/Wassap+1-809-882-5197 

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