Bobo’s Encuentro Surf Lesson

Bobo’s Surfing lessons techniques & Surfing Courses.


Our Surf camp SURF SCHOOL Encuentro beach, is the GO!! If you are a BEGINNER in your first times Surfing and want to really learn to Surf or an INTERMEDIATE SURFER “that always wanted to get better” or even a MASTER SURFER who needs a ” SURF TUNE UP” You’ll be able to get back in tracK, OurSurf  team will guide you in the correct Surfing  true path.. *HOSTED BY DOMINICAN PRO SURFING LEGEND AND ENCUENTRO BEACH SURF SCHOOL PIONEER Victor Peralta AKA “BOBOS”

Our school LOCATED ON THE SURF SPOT open year round in Encuentro beach, Cabarete, north Ambar coast of the Dominican Republic which offers different types of waves, perfect for surfers from all levels and ages, with the ideal conditions to learn, improve your surfing. and to enjoy your surf vacations for Solo travel, couples, family and friends.



(Every Surf included 2 hours with full equipment)

•PRIVATE  LESSON: 1 on 1  with water assistance instructor. PRICE: $45 dlr.

•SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS:  3 Persons Max per water assistance instructor. -PRICE:$ 40 dlr per per person


•2 hours surfing lesson with Full surf equipment.

•full  surf theory on the beach according to your surfing level..

•essential surf rules.

•learn how to paddle, standing and stance position.

•ocean and surfing safety) warm up, waves knowledge.

•handling surf equipment in and out of the water.,

•FOR INTERMEDIATE SURFER who want to level up surfing skills like: your cutback, off the leap, floater, tube ride ect.. We make sure, you get the suitable surf board according to your skills and body type.,This will help you to improve faster in your learning (surf boards are really essential tools) We provide you with professional coaching and supervision, so you’ll learn in the correct way and best way for you step up into a higher surfing level. WE GUARANTEE TO CATCH YOUR FIRST WAVES!! (Practice in the white water)

•GROUP LESSONS: 4 to 15 Persons Max with water assistance instructors.

-PRICE $ 35 dlr per person


 •Bobo’s Surfing Courses and Prices:

-3 Private Surf Lesson Course –Price. $ 125 dlr.

-3 Semi-private Surf Lesson Course -PRICE $ 105 dlr per person.

Surf course itinerary:

•Day 1- Full theory on the beach, with basic surf rules, learn how to paddle, standing and stance position, ocean and surfing safety, stretching, waves and ocean knowledge.Handling surf equipment, in and out of the water board and leash we ”GUARANTEE YOU to CATCH YOUR FIRST WAVES” we push you in your first waves, you be able to get into the feeling of surfing!.

•Day 2- How to catch the inside white water on your own..

•Day 3- How to turn sideways in the inside white water and to do the “turtle dive”

(7 Days Intensive Surfing course STARTED HERE)

•Day 4- How to go to the out side waves, how to catch it, taking off and to turn sideways to face of the wave..

Day 5- Practice turning sideways outside waves, wave selection, priority and how to deal with wipe outs.

Day 6-Learn to use smaller surfboard and learn how to do the “duck dive” in the outside waves..

Day 7- How to handle on your own, in the outside waves

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED SURF LESSONS – If you want to learn how to use a high performance short surf board, to be able to make a cutback a floater or a Surf trip in Dominican Repubublic… Come with us, to enjoy and improve your surfing level (get the best local surfing experience possible!) This surf program can be re- adjusted, depending on ocean and waves condition.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you plan your next great surf vacation! If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to Contact us directly: Phone/wassap +1-809-882-5197