Here some of our guest messages ,after spending their surfing holidays with us !
”Big thanks for all of you that had visited us to learn and shared some good waves here in the Dominican Republic”


 Your Name: Kathie
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Subject: WAS GREAT!
Message: Hey Bobo!! I'm the girl who rented the body board and learned to surf!
I came with Jimmy,and I work with books,we discussed a little... this is a GREAT website!! with great photos,and great videos of you! we had an amazing
time, though I was just a little frustrated I couldn't get outside except for a couple of times but I am back in surf shape now for our spring...... we are definitely coming back and I will recommend you highly!  I liked talking about the "BREATHE" too!!!
I hope you are well, and I am already missing the warm waves.... try to write your book! keep in touch, until
we come again, be well and one with water!
Sincerely, Kathie
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From: Juan Carlos Arditti Ribas (
Sent: Sat 9/03/11 1:09 AM

Hola Buenos dias soy Juan Carlos, 

estuvimos aprendiendo surf con mi novia hace unas semanas en su escuela.
Como prometido les envio las fotos HD que tomamos con mi camara, 
Saludos desde Suiza y espero hasta pronto,. Gracias por todo.

Juan Carlos


 Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2011 13:06:13 -0500
Subject: Contact Webmaster: Thank you for the lessons
Your Name*: Colin Pigeau
Your Email Address*:
Subject*: Thank you for the lessons
Message*: Hola BoboMy wife and I had some lessons with you on Thursday. We enjoyed ourselves a great deal and both you and Francisco were very helpful and encouraging.Muchas gracias
 Your Name*: Gary Lenowitz
Your Email Address*:
Subject*: Surf
Message*: Ola Bobo, Mucho gusto-Gracias for everything-Had a blast-Please tell the boys “YO BABY”!!!!!!!!! You are all mucho grande-Adios, Gary Please keep in touch-Have the boys do so as well


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