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imageBobo Surfs Up - Profile             Born in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, moved to the north coast of the island –  the Amber coast,’‘When I was a child, my father always brought me to the beach near by the city of Santo Domingo about 30 minutes drive, not to surf but to get in touch with the ocean AND TO GET AWAY FROM THE CITY LIFE, something he also enjoyed a lot! I liked to play with the waves at the short break and jump around and also enjoyed other sports very much”. I also liked baseball and played all the time, it was my daily thing.I also did basketball, roller-skate, bike-cross and street skate-board (I think that really helped me for improving on my balance with the years).  All those sports really filled all my time, but it was all until the day I tried surfing, that was all about, the real deal! When things really started to changed for me and for sure my life (maybe not from the first day I tried to surf) but eventually, when I just realized and to understand how incredible and unique was this feeling of riding waves! Then it was for real – the more I surfed the more I liked it. By then I knew that Surfing was sport, I didn’t know what it will bring to me in the future. But I was really sure, surfing really suite me and file me in with positive vibrations in mind, body and spirit. I have meditated almost about a year before I decided to move to the north coast in the search for the perfect waves…

MY FIRST TIME SURFINGI started at the age of 13 yrs bit late (but not too late ) ‘the first time I was really frustrated. I did not learn in  the correct way, surfing was definitely the hardest thing I ever tried! It was very hard for my body and my mind was too weak to understand it. I nearly gave up!

Bobo Surfs Up - ProfileSome days later I started to feel strange about it, but in a good way “like if there was something missing from me” and I realized what was missing was surfing! I tried again but this time in the correct way, and since then I never stopped and thanks God never gave up! I learned how all the elements came together for me and after all it turned out to become a good way to make a living out of it. I work as a surf instructor since more than 19 years and opened my own surf school camp 11 years ago. This has been the most rewarding thing that happened to me, to be able to work with the surfing and to teach others, how to get to this feeling, it is just a priceless thing., When I finished high school and had decided to move in search for the waves, I started to compete at the age of 14 years old in a local contest and became Dominican juniors surf champion and eventually became national champion in the Open Men division. At 17 yrs started to travel and competedBobo Surfs Up - Profile internationally and had the chance to represent the DR in amateur and pro-am events. Since I started to surf,  I did no took real for any other sport activities, for sure I tried other sports but none of them has the true, unique and real feeling and energy that produced the of riding waves.,imageimageimage

Thank full to surfing I had, have and hope will have the possibility to travel, which after all is one of the best thing in my life (surf trips). Having the great chance to visit other countries in pursuit for the waves gave me an incredible experiences not only with the surf action in the water but also the essence other life style, culture, and people., i had the opporrunity to travel for some international surf competitions and surf trips as well  and numerous other none surfing places on the route.. For surfing I have visited Costa Rica, Barbados, El Salvador, Panama, Portugal, Brasil, Peru, Chile,  the Galapagos island, Ecuador,California,Nicaragua, Bali




Bobo Surfs Up - ProfileBobo Surfs Up - Profile