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Professional Surfing School in the Dominican Republic, we are located in the heart of the Caribbean at the surfing beach called Encuentro (directly at Bobo’s point surf spot) on the beautiful north Ambar coast of the Dominican Republic with crytal warm water at an exotic location, only short 5 min drive west of Cabarete and 20 minutes from Puerto Plata (POP) international airport.. (What really makes of us authentic and unique local surfing school in the Dominican Republic, is that our surf school is run by a surf school pioneer, professional surf instructor in the Caribbean local  surfer expert, the legendary Victor “BOBO” Peralta a former Dominican surf champion..) with three decades  experience in travel around the globe, including 17 years as a professional surf instructor will guide you with his techniques into real feeling of wave riding..“It is a perfect and strategical relaxing place for beginners to learn and practice with safety in the reforming white water, while at the same time the intermediate and advanced surfers can perform and enjoy the unbroken clean face of the waves”..OUR Surfing School open year around, WE OFFER accommodation surf packages beach side and ocean view options to suit your budge and lodging style., We provide surf trips with local tour guide services including, daily surf lessons private-semi private and group, board rental, SUP tour, Yoga and water activities 

Surfing in the Dominican Republic
Surfing in the Dominican Republic: the best waves season at the north coast of the Dominican Republic is in the WINTER from November to  April, with waves created by cold front, and in the SUMMER – the small season – from June to August, with waves created by wind swell. This could also be the time to surf at the island’s south or Caribbean coast,  near the city Santo Domingo and also near the border with Haiti. Any little disturbance in the Caribbean Sea, helped a bit by the trade winds, will produce fun waves getting overhead and full on at times. Also, summer is good to mix up for wind sports activities, followed by the HURACANE SEASON from August to October that can bring larger storm swells around the DR coast. The water temperature is always tropical, in the winter it can get a bit fresh, but no wet suit is needed. We also have numerous undiscovered surf spots, that make of the Dominican Republic the real surf destination.
 Dominican Republic is an independent nation on the island of Hispaniola, second biggest island in the Caribbean, between the island of Puerto Rico and Cuba, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region, sharing to the western third part of the Hispaniola island with the republic of Haiti,  making Hispaniola one of two Caribbean islands are shared by two different countries. The Dominican Republic is surrounded in a third by water, having to the north the Atlantic ocean and to the south the Caribbean sea.
 Thank you and we look forward to helping you plan your next great surf vacation! If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free Contact us directly: Phone:+1-809-882-5197